Tip House is a long-time central Ohio musician and guitar maker, featuring on vocals and lead guitar in bands such as Forest Rose, 71 South, The House String Band, Wry Grass, and Coup de Grass. His original songs tell the stories of a world of colorful characters populated by veterans, scoundrels, crooked businessmen, jilted lovers, and roadside apparitions.

Born near the banks of the Virginia's New River, Tip spent his early years in the hills and hollows around Radford, Virginia. "According to my brothers",says Tip, the youngest of three: "I lived with the hounds for the first few years of my life and thought I was a dog. That could  be an exaggeration, but I surely spent a lot of time running around in the woods".

Tip eventually moved to Central Ohio with his family and traded the woods  for more urban activities, including  the guitar.  His first instrument was a hand-me-down from his brother Jeff:  "I used to hear my brother playing on the front porch, usually with  one or two of the neighborhood girls hanging around. So when he got a  better guitar, I made sure he gave me his old one - I could recognize a good thing when I saw it". After playing for a few years, Tip  started performing on guitar in bands around the OSU campus.